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End of Term Review

As we leap-frog from day-to-day, I found myself feeling stressed that I had not done enough. I worried that somehow I have been negligent in my efforts so I began to collect the pieces I did in an effort to … Continue reading

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Stacked Bowls

The bowls I have attempted seemed to have created almost as much drama as my bibles.  In fact, as I sit here writing these notes, I have no idea if any of my bowls will survive the current firing–either in … Continue reading

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Bible Technology

One (of 2) classes I chose this year was Production Technology.  Here, we learn about outsourcing as artists to expand our horizons by finding ways to include materials we might not normally work with.  I have a friend in Haliburton … Continue reading

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Wax Drippings (Larger success story)

Before we begin… I should mention that I found a new passion when I went from using small globs of wax drippings to very large platters of same.  But what really made the difference is what happens when doing this … Continue reading

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Boot Firings

Well here we are again. I was practising making boots using silicone so that I could make multiples of the same wax formed boot.  Koen is our program head and he teaches sandcasting.  That means that some of the forms … Continue reading

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So I have been in this class a few weeks now.  I know that Orion likes to include projects that relate to bowls. I am feeling I would like to experiment before it becomes a request. Hmmmmmm.  I rolled out … Continue reading

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Handibles – Revisited as Wax Drippings

One of the wonderful things about being a student…  no matter how old you get… It really is the kid in the candy shop because you get to try out things.  When you ideas you want to pursue, you get … Continue reading

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