Sheridan College Glass Installation (new Mississauga Campus)

Many people who go to college, see their classmates as being the people in their class, studying a particular subject, for a particular period of time…

I am a glass student at Sheridan College, Trafalgar Campus, in Oakville, Ontario.  My classmates consist of a collective group of students covering a span of not only the 2nd year (which is my present status) but those of the 1st and 3rd year classes.

From the very moment I entered the system as a 1st year student (straight from Haliburton School of The Arts), the 3rd year students held my hand and showed me how to apply for grants and bursaries.  They patiently encouraged and walked me through the process of learning to use the equipment as well as how to join the various associations which some day may not seem so distant to me.

I didn’t come here from Haliburton alone.  I came with other glass students.  Some of those who graduated with me, came the following year.  It has begun to feel as though we are moving in a wave.  None of us have chosen to take the advanced standing that has been offered to Glassblowing Certificate  program grads coming from Haliburton.  That is the typical position of students  (like me) who come to Sheridan.  It is the advice of the counselors as we leave Haliburton.  Three years of glassblowing doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to be here.  Maybe that will change as the 3-year diploma program shifts and adjusts into a 4-year degree program.

In this program, we have some of the most progressive instructors (probably in the world).   To help us on our way, we were allowed to participate in building the most recent glassblowing furnace in our studio.  That was at the start of semester in September.  By month end, we had been offered another opportunity for practical experience (you know, for our resumes)…  Sheridan opened a new campus in Mississauga, Ontario.  The Trafalgar Campus glass studio has been designing and producing a glass sculpture to hang in the main opening–consisting of programmed lighting and glass boro tubes as our interpretation of the Northern Lights to as a permanent display.

Today, I would like to introduce you to some of the faces people who donate their time to this project.  Some are staff; many are students.  Others may never make an actual appearance here; but they have donated the supplies and equipment by which this entire endeavour has been made possible.

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About whendidwestart

I am what I consider to be starting my life over. I have been studying art for 2 years and have begun 3 years of glass Crafts & Design in Sheridan College. I am also discovering how much I like to write online--a good thing because applying for scholarships will have one writing a lot of essays. My summer 2010 was about finding the funding to cover my expenses. Whatever I thought my life would be about this past year of school, I never expected to be trying to help 2 daughters in 1st year college when their funding fell short. My summer 2011 became about sitting still long enough to consider the impact of my goals. I look for $$ for supplies and I look for $$ for equipment for when I complete my program. I have a commercial size compressor for running a sandblaster; but no sandblaster. I have a Skutt kiln; but cannot afford the hydro required to fire it up. I have some stained glass and supplies; my program has just had stained glass artist Joseph Cavalieri from New York to input ideas on how we could incorporate what he does to what we do. When I finish here at Sheridan, I expect that I will do mostly cold glass work--stained glass and sandblasting..... Perhaps some work with stone because many of the properties of stone are similar to working with glass! I am also about sharing information with others who want to break from traditional thinking about a lot of things. For example, I have been a Bell Canada since I left home at 15. My Mom used to be a Bell Telephone operator when Bell was the only game in town. My Stepmother and her sister and my sister all worked for MaBell. I once worked for Bell Northern Research and until recently, I thought I would be a Bell customer for life. I am not so certain of that any more. I want to know more about economical phone plans (land & mobile). Are there any out there? I have recently begun to realize that to stay ahead of the game, one would almost have had to study law to understand the significance of a phone plan--no matter what the ads say!
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