Boot Firings

Well here we are again.

I was practising making boots using silicone so that I could make multiples of the same wax formed boot.  Koen is our program head and he teaches sandcasting.  That means that some of the forms I learn about in 1 class somehow applies to those I might need or use in the other.

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The shape of my boot was much simpler than that of my earlier bowl and not so frustrating

to figure out.  I had made sculpted the 1st boot, then made a plaster form to  hold the expoxy silicone mold that I make.  Once I had the silicone form, I could just keep melting wax and pouring it into the mold to create a positive form for my plaster.  Then, of course, I could steam the wax out of the mold to make another boot.

My problem was that I can NEVER leave well enough alone!.  A boot to an art student is merely a boot.  I kept looking at the thing — waiting for it to make me feel inspired.

What happened next is that I put the boot down and began trying

to make an impression of my fingers in wax.  Typically, there is more burning of fingers than production of molds, so far for me.  But I did manage to get some impressions in plaster into which I could pour wax.  When I joined the wax form of my fingers to my  boots, I began to smile.

There were a few technical difficulties.  The plaster required to cover both the hand and foot together was more (in each case) than I had mixed.  At one point, I picked up my form and it separated.  With help from the proper authority figures, I was able to repair the damage.  What happened next in this repair was that when I was filling the plaster mold over the wax form and clay reservoir, the clay detached and the wax moved.  That has been an occurence by which I have continued to be plagued.

Due to technical difficulties in making hand, this is still in development stage of production

Due to technical difficulties in making hand, this is still in development stage of production

The outcome of this particular event was demonstrated best

in the pics of my blue glass pieces.  The boots did not fully form.  Since then, I have been preparing to make more body part molds.  I now have in my possession some dental alginate to use (so that it won’t be something irritating my skin.

But then we had midterms; we had other pressing concerns; I had to hand in my kiln log and cater to a few more crisis moments in the matter of cracking molds and other things that could go wrong.

Once again I am including the schedule for my firing on October 12.  You might notice that the program is still too closely resembling that of my Handibles project in too many ways.  My pieces continued to grow; however some of my timings remained too short.  However, I think we might just have that figured out……..  Stay tuned.

Program October 12, Kiln #4 @ 3:pm


  1. 3:  hrs             ^90 degrees
  2. 12: hrs             ^110 “
  3. 24: hrs             ^120   “
  4. 30: hrs             ^600  “
  5. 32:  hrs             @600  “
  6. 32:01 hrs          ^850    “
  7. 40:  hrs              @850  “
  8. 40:01 hrs               516   “
  9. 55:  hrs                @516    “
  10. 80:  hrs                   390     “
  11. 100:  hrs                    50   “

In the slide show, you can see my plaster form was quite large compared to the earlier pieces of the Handibles and Bowls.  Whatever I adjusted, it wasn’t enough!


About whendidwestart

I am what I consider to be starting my life over. I have been studying art for 2 years and have begun 3 years of glass Crafts & Design in Sheridan College. I am also discovering how much I like to write online--a good thing because applying for scholarships will have one writing a lot of essays. My summer 2010 was about finding the funding to cover my expenses. Whatever I thought my life would be about this past year of school, I never expected to be trying to help 2 daughters in 1st year college when their funding fell short. My summer 2011 became about sitting still long enough to consider the impact of my goals. I look for $$ for supplies and I look for $$ for equipment for when I complete my program. I have a commercial size compressor for running a sandblaster; but no sandblaster. I have a Skutt kiln; but cannot afford the hydro required to fire it up. I have some stained glass and supplies; my program has just had stained glass artist Joseph Cavalieri from New York to input ideas on how we could incorporate what he does to what we do. When I finish here at Sheridan, I expect that I will do mostly cold glass work--stained glass and sandblasting..... Perhaps some work with stone because many of the properties of stone are similar to working with glass! I am also about sharing information with others who want to break from traditional thinking about a lot of things. For example, I have been a Bell Canada since I left home at 15. My Mom used to be a Bell Telephone operator when Bell was the only game in town. My Stepmother and her sister and my sister all worked for MaBell. I once worked for Bell Northern Research and until recently, I thought I would be a Bell customer for life. I am not so certain of that any more. I want to know more about economical phone plans (land & mobile). Are there any out there? I have recently begun to realize that to stay ahead of the game, one would almost have had to study law to understand the significance of a phone plan--no matter what the ads say!
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