The Art Fart continues…2

Just Looking

I am learning to use the various features offered by this site.  There is so much for me to absorb.  I want to explore and assimilate so much.  But I am rather slow.  I am an old girl and technologically challenged.

In the opening of this story, I introduced you to my first drawings.  I kept practising.  Everyday I drew something.  By Christmas break, I was wondering

how to expand upon my skills.  My brother-in-law made a suggestion that I use something that took him about 1 minute to draw.  For the balance of my holiday, I sat at the kitchen  table and drew until bedtime.  Here are some of the things I created.

Initially, I used every piece of cardboard in the

Stuck In My Throat

house that I could find.

I scrounged around and came up with lots of construction paper.

Sometimes, I used pressed board.

From pencil drawings to pastel crayons to ink and acrylic paints.

Fear The Light

I got so thoroughly engrossed in just making faces.

When we returned to class after Christmas break, the person I most wanted to impress refused to take the time to look at my work.  My main instructor was always busy and refused to even talk about anything I

tried to show her.

Then…  one day…  she began listening and I asked if she would g

ive just a few minutes of time to look and consider.  I so badly needed feedback from the one who would mark my work.

Facial Glimpses

Facial Glimpses

So I began to pull these pages out of my portfolio bag.  She stopped talking and just looked at the pile of work I had.  There was a look of shock on her face.

Facial Glimpses

Facial Glimpses

She sent me into the hallway to put my work up.

Then, she gave me a stack of various textured and various

Facial Glimpses
Facial Glimpses

coloured papers to draw on for comparison.  I made a concerted effort to use the papers she gave me so that I could show my appreciation for her contribution.  I had a wonderful time with those supplies!

In Thought

By the end of January 2009, I had covered 4 walls of our college with my work alone. At that point, she made me clear some space for the other students (who had been reluctant to follow my example of posting work.

As I began to study what I had done, I began to recognize things I do consistently, without realizing it.  The colours I


used kept cropping up again and again.  I noticed how many times,

I actually drew similar figures without any conscious thought or design.

Fragmented Face 2

Fragmented Face 2

We began meeting with various practising artists and talking about our work with them.  We also prepared for the first gallery showing ever done by our school at the Rails End Gallery, in Haliburton, Ontario.

That experience was such a blast.  That same instructor who had been too busy to look at my work, initially was responsible for connecting with the gallery’s curator.  Together, they gave us students the feeling of things to work toward.  Inspiring.

Fragmented Face 1

Fragmented Face 1

The taste of gallery showings is something that I would welcome as I develop a sense of awareness of things people do.

I have a lot of respect for people who manage to move their work through galleries on an ongoing schedule as a matter of


Rails End Gallery - "Befundled" Exhibition


About whendidwestart

I am what I consider to be starting my life over. I have been studying art for 2 years and have begun 3 years of glass Crafts & Design in Sheridan College. I am also discovering how much I like to write online--a good thing because applying for scholarships will have one writing a lot of essays. My summer 2010 was about finding the funding to cover my expenses. Whatever I thought my life would be about this past year of school, I never expected to be trying to help 2 daughters in 1st year college when their funding fell short. My summer 2011 became about sitting still long enough to consider the impact of my goals. I look for $$ for supplies and I look for $$ for equipment for when I complete my program. I have a commercial size compressor for running a sandblaster; but no sandblaster. I have a Skutt kiln; but cannot afford the hydro required to fire it up. I have some stained glass and supplies; my program has just had stained glass artist Joseph Cavalieri from New York to input ideas on how we could incorporate what he does to what we do. When I finish here at Sheridan, I expect that I will do mostly cold glass work--stained glass and sandblasting..... Perhaps some work with stone because many of the properties of stone are similar to working with glass! I am also about sharing information with others who want to break from traditional thinking about a lot of things. For example, I have been a Bell Canada since I left home at 15. My Mom used to be a Bell Telephone operator when Bell was the only game in town. My Stepmother and her sister and my sister all worked for MaBell. I once worked for Bell Northern Research and until recently, I thought I would be a Bell customer for life. I am not so certain of that any more. I want to know more about economical phone plans (land & mobile). Are there any out there? I have recently begun to realize that to stay ahead of the game, one would almost have had to study law to understand the significance of a phone plan--no matter what the ads say!
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